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Direct Inward Dial

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What is DID – Direct Inward Dialing?

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DID is a feature offered by telephone companies for use with their customers’ PBX system, whereby the telephone company (telco) allocates a range of telephone numbers associated with one or more phone lines. DID allows a company to assign a personal number to each employee, without requiring a separate physical phone line, for each, to connect to the PBX. This way, telephony traffic can be split up and managed more easily.

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Benefits of DID Service


▶ Ease of use There is no need to dial the internal number again.
▶ No need to pay phone charges if there are no recipients or the line is busy.
▶ Do not need to know the extension phone number.
▶ The phone is connected to the recipient directly, not through an automatic telephone answering system.
▶ No need to pay long-distance charges in case the recipient is in another province.

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